Fake it till you make it

Mock backend API for lightspeed development

fakeJSON API demo using Insomnia REST client

How it works


Create an Account to get your API token


Make an API call using fakeJSON endpoint


Receive the response you want. Still unsure? Try the quick start guide.

Zero installations

fakeJSON is ready to use out of the box. Our API endpoint is always online and ready to serve as your application’s mock backend. No database schema or engine to choose, no npm package to install, no dependencies to check for.

Unlimited response possibilities

Get the exact backend response you need with more than 100 different fields. If it doesn’t exist, you can even make your own field.

No configuration

There is no need to configure routes with API requests made to the FakeJSON API endpoint. Just configure the response directly in the JSON request payload.

Fast "get to work" time

You can get a fully working application in seconds. No deployment requirements to use any of fakeJSON powerful features.

Simple to use

There is no need to learn a new tool, language or protocol. What you enter as a payload is what you get. It’s that simple.

Consistently fast responses

Blazing fast, the fakeJSON API is tuned for speed. Whether it’s 50 or 50,000 units returned, your mock backend will be the least of your concerns.

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