What happens if I use all of my Fake Units allocation for the day?
Once you are out of Fake Units for the day, every request will be replied with "You are above your Fake Units limit for the day." Switch to a larger plan, or wait for next day.

Can I switch between the plans at any time?
Yes! There is no limit on how many times you can switch between plans. You will need to have credit card on record to switch to paid plans though.

What happens if my card is declined?
Not to worry! We will simply switch your account to Free plan. Once the issue is resolved you can switch back to any plan.

Can I share my token with a friend/colleague/mistress?
Sure. We just work here. Share your tokens with a team or a friend. Keep in mind you might run out of Fake Units faster. If you need a larger plan, simply let us know: support@fakejson.com. Otherwise create tokens with set daily Fake Unit limits and share them with your team members.

I have an idea for an awesome field, which you don't have!
GREAT! Let us know, and we'll make Bob work weekends to ensure the new field is implemented and available to our customers. You can send us an email or click "leave feedback" button in the footer.