Saved Resources

Save your most common API requests as resources and reuse them easily using the saved resources feature. Endpoints will remain the same until you remove or modify them.

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Saved Resources page

 "token": "REZigIft2wtPNuqWY0OFQA",
 "parameters": {
  "consistent": false,
  "code": 403,
  "delay": 8,
  "headers": [
     {"X-Auth": "Auth Failed"},
     {"X-Request": "x-Ud8LUnsTix9"}
 "data": {
  "broken_string": "naughtySpecialChars",

Scenario Testing

Test your application against different responses. Return fake response with any HTTP code from 200 to 500. Test with response delays, custom headers, or broken strings.

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Data Generator

Generate all types of fake data with predefined and custom fields. Construct your fake data from more than 100 different fields. You can even build your own custom mock fields.

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Manage Tokens

API Tokens

Share your plan quota with managed tokens. Manage your tokens and permissions at token level. Choose to share tokens with your team members or contractors.

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Mock Front End Library

Directly populate HTML with randomly generated fake data, powered by the fakeJSON API. No coding required. Perfect for designing HTML templates and shipping them with authentic looking data.

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Develop faster with , a simple and powerful API for building mock data

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